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The FPJ' unique Schools Survey Methodology

The methodology used for The Free Pres survey was innovative and rigorous. Among the many firsts, this survey has achieved, this is possibly the first time that an actual SURVEY form was sent to schools to fill up. This form had 84 questions, some answers were objective, some not. The questions stretched for some (A/4) 24 pages.

The questions were based on various pre-decided parameters



Questions were spread across the parameters, rather than categories and almost equally divided. Schools had the choice of either answering all the questions or just one. The idea being that schools could answer only in areas they held a supremacy or take a note of their overall flair in all spheres. The questions were so designed to make sure that answering only one question would in no way be a deterrent. While most schools nominated themselves in the categories they believed they excelled in, some chose all schools. Schools were also asked to submit evidence to the questions they were answering.


The Free Press Journal had constituted an intelligent set of educators from across the country to serve as a jury for the Mumbai Schools Survey. This jury scrutinized each and every survey form that was filled out. Every piece of evidence that the survey form threw up was measured closely and checked and cross-checked to make sure there were no false entries or claims. The jury members also called respective schools and sought peer review as well. The result was outstanding as the survey findings indicate. The result was also that The Free Press Journal published Mumbai’s first-ever Honest School Survey.